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Originally Posted by AEM6729 View Post
It seems so bizarre that the league hasn't been able to do anything about the equipment.

Obviously nobody needs elbow pads made of Kevlar. When do you ever see a guy out with a dang elbow injury? And even the shoulder pads...most of the shoulder injuries we see are shoulder separations. Can those really be prevented with harder shoulder pads? I agree with some ideas I've read in articles about softening up the shoulder and elbow pads and leaving only the chest protector the same.

I agree the helmets are worthless. And really, what good is any helmet if you wear the chin strap dangling 6 inches below your chin? I always thought it was weird how Arnott, a player with a significant concussion history, wears his chin strap so loose. But lots of players do it. Doesn't seem like the helmet would do much good if it's moving or even flying off when you're getting hit. You'd think some experts would've come up with a better design by now.
I'm sure several new designs exist, but before you can properly test those designs for effectiveness you must first decide how concussions are caused the majority of the time. It's impossible to solve a problem unless you can narrow that problem down. Simply saying, "We are going to design this helmet to limit concussions" isn't enough. You need to say, "We are going to design this helmet to absorb X kind of hit in order to limit concussions."

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