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11-05-2003, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by jacklours
I believe your joking are you ???

Are you?

man, at this point, what ISNT a joke? hell, if he played for free, or almost for free, i dont see why we wouldnt give him a tell you the truth, we (habs fan) are really tough on our team. and u know what? i think that's better that way. that shows that we have interest, that we care. hell, look at teams like anaheim. remember during the playoffs? well they still had a ton of empty seats u think it would EVER be like this here if we made this far..dont think so. i read this article with Patrick Roy, where he said that the reason he left Montreal (aside from the obvious one) was that the management had started saying that it was OKAY to lose once in a while. that's what he used to love about montreal, where it you werent allowed to lose, and that's what made the team so good. because every night the player HAD to give it all, losing was not an option....that's what we need again. discipline. i think Gainer will bring that kind of thing, not necessarely right away, but with time, it will be felt.

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