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12-30-2011, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
I love Chuck but it's too early to jump to conclusions. I don't understand how they don't have the right players when D'antoni made his name with Nash and Amar'e in the desert. They need a PG before we see anything of what this team can do. DWTDD won't cut it as a starter.
Key word being Nash, one of the top 5-7 point guards of all-time. How do you suppose they're going to get a permanent fix to that situation when they have HUGE dollars committed to 3 guys? Unless you're confident Baron Davis is the answer. D'Antoni's Phoenix team enjoyed their longest playoff run when Stoudemire was injured and didn't play, BTW.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
He's not an elite player. But he's a very good complementary player who brings what we should, in theory, need. But, as I said earlier, when your guards are getting **** on and he has to come up high, he doesn't have the chance to defend the paint and grab boards.

If Stat and Melo can average 9 boards a game, and Chandler averages 10, it's not a terrible weakness.
"Melo" has never averaged 9 boards a game in his life. He's never even averaged 8.

Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
I don't ever want here from him. He hates the Knicks for reasons I and no one else seems to know.

This the same clown that said the Nets were better than the Knicks last year.
I take his opinions with a grain of salt.

However he is right about this coach.
For the last decade or so, Barkley has consistently proven to be the most knowledgeable basketball analyst on TV. Year after year, he makes predictions and comments, and he's almost always right, and he absolutely doesn't shy away from making predictions and comments that may not be popular with the audience. Hell, for about 5 years, Barkley's presence as an analyst was just about the best thing the NBA had going for it, considering how dreadful the quality of the basketball being played in the league was in the early-mid part of the 2k decade. I'd challenge anyone to come up with even 5 predictions that he made that were way off, because I can rattle off about 55 that he was right on the money about.

As for disliking the Knicks, there's no mystery to why Barkley doesn't like them. They are one of the worst-run franchises in all of pro sports and have been since the late 90s, and after all that, they finally had the foundation of a winning, complete team on their hands (a team that Barkley gave constant praise to last season, BTW, before the big trade) yet they gave it all away to get one guy that is the epitome of what championship basketball isn't just so they could sell more jerseys by attracting the frontrunner market. These ****ing morons, with a team that had absolutely no problem putting points up on the board, gave away 3 starter-quality players, all of whom were capable and versatile offensive players, 2 of whom were quality perimeter defenders, for a guy who doesn't play a lick of defense and only brings the one thing they didn't need more of: scoring.

Given your view of Barkley, it's not surprising that you would jump on D'Antoni. D'Antoni is the least of the Knicks' problems. He's not the one who made that trade, he's not the one who overpaid Tyson Chandler, and no coach can force players to play defense when they don't want to.

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