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11-05-2003, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal25m
Before I make some points, I just want to let you guys know that I love theo, my dog is named after him. I have an autograph jersey from him. Ok, on that note, he has two years remaining in his contract after this year. Therefore, you have to trade him this year or next because you don't want to go into his last year of his contract without trading him or signing him because as you approach that last year, his value will decrease on the trade market. Yes he will be a restricted free agent after his have to qualify him I believe. Do you really want to qualify his 6 million contract? In addition, besides a rough game yesterday from Garon, the goals weren't his fault , just some bad bounces, this kid is ready to become a number 1 goalie. He is tall, confident, poised.....with his size, he looks like the legendary Patty Roy.

My last major point is that if I were GM, I would only trade a player if he is hot. Theo has had a good start to the season except for maybe one or two games, for the most part he has regained his form. Teams have taken notice of this. There is one perfect team for him who is going for the cup and are having some goaltending difficulties. Colorado with Aeibesher and Sauve, they haven't developed as planned or I am sure they were expecting much, much more. It is a perfect match, but I am not sure If I or Bob would have the gutts to make such a trade that can either kill us like the patty trade or add some missing pieces. If the offer is right, I think it can make an impact right away.

Now, my question, if this could be done, what would you look for return? Me personally, you have to get a back up in Sauve or Aeibersher, and I would try to land Tanguay OR Hejduk OR MORRIS and a third line player like Hinote. For those of you who think we have to many defensement, that is true..we have to many 5,6 defensemen. We don't have a legitimate number 1 defensemen. Markov is a 2 or 3 so is Souray. The rest are 5 and 6 on any decent team.

Theo is one guy that can land us something significant! Anyway, just a thought.

First off, Garon is a good goalie, no doubt about it. BUt I don't think he's ready to become a number 1 goalie.
Secondly, we won't have to worry much about Theo's contract after it's up because the new CBA is almost guarenteed to make that decrease.
Thirdly, the Theo to Colorado thing has been played to death, and won't happen.
Fourthly, Why would we trade away for a few missing pieces now? as you've said, goaltending is our only strength. Maybe we should wait a few years for some prospects to strengthen this team before there is any big trades happening to bring in a key player or two.
And lastly, we have too many many players on our roster as it is. Trading one goaltender for 2 or 3 other players would only complicate matters.

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