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12-30-2011, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
Please do not confuse effort with results. This is his 6th year and he has not developed a single 20 goal scorer. That is most definitely dropping the ball. His wing acquisitions have pretty much all been busts as well. Just because he went out and traded/signed former 30 goal scorers, does not mean that he has done a bang up job. At some point these acquisitions have to perform and pan out.

He has done a solid job with the goaltending and defense, but as we continue to see, there is more to hockey than just keeping the other team from scoring. Last I checked no team ever won a 0-0 game.
So, in your world, people AREN'T responsible for their own actions?

Williams, who scored 20 last year, isn't responsible for his lack of production this year, Lombardi is.

Penner who scored 25+ goals in Edmonton, isn't responsible for his lack of production, Lombardi is.

Listen to yourself bud...

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