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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post anyone old enough(but not too old ) to remember the 92-93 sens? I only started following them in depth in 1997ish(8 yrs old) Was norm controlling whatever play the sens had from the backend? did he look good? He didn't do that well anywhere else. Was he just a "filip kuba" type player that benefitted from playing all the pp or was he magical like karlsson? Does karlsson look alot better? etc? etc?
From what I can remember (jeez, this is going back a long, long time ago...), Maciver played in the World Championships (or Spengler cup? Some international tournament, I'm sure...) in the spring of '93 after that great 63 point season, once the Sens season was over, and he got a pretty bad chest injury during that tournament... it was something abnormal, like a lung injury or something. I remember it was some sort of internal chest injury.

Anyways, he was never completely the same player when he recovered, and on top of that the game changed significantly after the 1994 season as "the trap" really became a popular system, which helped push Maciver out because he was a TERRIBLE defensive player (he had a -46 +/- in '93), and was a small offensive specialist in a time when teams appeared to be drafting for size first and skill second.

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