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12-30-2011, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
This is what kills me. They went out and made this team stronger at the bottom and middle which can funnel its way up to the top if they allow it, but they're not allowing that to happen. How Benn isn't the top forward in PP time/gm is absolutely ********. He's not going to have 22 year old legs under him forever, let's get the mileage out of them while he has them.

There are some things I like about Gulutzan and some things that I don't. I couldn't be more split at the moment about how I feel about him leading this team over the next few years (if that long). I'm also not a fan of his rhetoric about the PP when he preaches body/net/loose pucks/dirty goals as if that is the only way to have an effective PP. Not only that, the team has presumably been hearing this since day one and they're still not doing those things properly; most of our defensemen can't get a shot from the point through to the goalie to save their life, there isn't enough movement of bodies, simple passing plays aren't being executed with enough consistency.

The list of why the PP sucks is a long one but most of the issues could be fixed by having the most skilled players on the ice at the same time and for roughly 1:20 of every PP. It's situations like these where we can all see from the outside what would almost surely solve a problem (at least to an extent) that reminds me how misguided the criticism is of fans by saying that because they disagree with people who are employed in the sport the fan is just flat out wrong.
I wrote Heika about it for his newsletter Monday, maybe he can prod Gulutzan and get him thinking about changing his strategy.

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