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12-30-2011, 08:19 PM
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One of these years Kopitar will get tired of sucking for two months out of the season.

It will probably be when he is 30 years of age or so; has drank all the beer he is going to drink, slept around town all he is going to do.

Only Kopitar can decide he wants to be 100 point player, no coach, fan, winger, owner ETC is going to make him one.

Some day either Kopitar will figure it out, or he won't, the talent is there (is the drive ?).

On a side note=

It's the same with Drew and Jack; both of those guys have shown the ability to take over games. But for some reason they are content with just playing well enough to stay on the roster.
I guess I would be the same if I was making million's of dollars and lived in LA. I mean would you care about anything at that point ?

Also the media doesn't really hold anyone accountable in LA. I am surprised LA media talks about the Kings at all.

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