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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
Apparently you don't see that pattern that Kopitar goes into long slumps like this EVERY season, despite who is on his wings.
Again, you don't have anything to prove your point. Because that "despite who is on his wings" is never there. You could ONLY prove it by having good wingers playing great and Kopitar playing badly. That is the ONLY way you can prove that. Seriously.

Has he ever had a season when he hasn't disappeared for around 6 weeks?
Disappearing would suggest that he also plays no defense. It would be hard to have 5th best PK in the league with him playing no defense, considering his PK TOI.

What is the difference between his wingers in October and his wingers in December?
I will tell you what. They started playing much worse. You can't say that Williams today is the same as Williams in October. If you don't think that difference is important...

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