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Other than the obvious troll attempt, for someone who's never traveled any further east than western Europe, this is the impression that one has - sadly. Yet on the same hand we know that's not true. But it's so far east, that one can't help but wonder. I wouldn't expect it to be the same as New York or something, but that doesn't mean it's complete crap. Additionally I live in Northern Canada, so the weather there is likely nicer than up here lol. It would likely cost me at least 2k to go to the frozen four, where as it'll probably cost 5ish to go to Russia. And I could care less about college hockey, yet love the WJHC. And watching it in Russia (or Sweden in 2014) would be a blast! I might as well spend the extra and go further and see more of the world than the US.

Originally Posted by Darth Bangkok
why in the world would anyone need to use a tour company to do this ? how hard can it be to get tickets to the games? go to kayak, get some plane tickets, go to tripadvisor or a hosteling website and get a hotel.
Some people don't make their own bed in the morning, or hire someone to drive their own car. Go figure.
That's not it at all. Say this was anywhere in western Europe. Between my French, English, and almost non existent Spanish, and the fact that many in western Europe speak many languages, I doubt I'd have an issue finding and booking a decent hotel close to the rink and ensuring I have or can get transportation, etc. Additionally while one may not speak the language, it's easier (at least for someone who doesn't speak Russian) to read a map, etc when it's not in Cyrillic. That's probably the most daunting part of this. Just looking at a map that's in Cyrillic is an experience.

Originally Posted by antidotevsk View Post
here's the link to the map
with no Russian it's rather difficult but what do you expect from non speaking English?
Thanks! The language issue isn't the end of the world, but how common is English as a 2nd (or 3rd/4th) language there?

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