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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
I haven't proved anything, but it's not me making such claims, it's you. You said that it would have been the same, if he had wingers playing great on his line. I said that you can't know that. I didn't say you were wrong, I just said that you can't prove it, until it happens.
It is however true that I believe you are wrong, because sample size shows that Kopitar has been able to dominate the game as long as he had good wingers (not even elite) on his line. I think that I have a little bit more to support my belief than you, but at this point we can both only believe, we can't know for sure.
Actually, you were the one making the claim in the first place. Then you covered your ass by saying that whenever Kopitar went into a slump with "good" players on his line, they weren't playing well, so that's why he wasn't scoring.

The bolded above is not true at all because his slumps have coincided with players such as Brown, Gagne, Williams, and Smyth on his line.

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
When has Kopitar stopped scoring in December and not scored another goal?
I never said he wouldn't score a goal another goal, I was just replying to your absurd scenario. For a guy who is supposed to be THE #1 GUY, he sure disappears for long stretches at a time each season. He's being paid as the #1 guy. He's labeled as the #1 guy. It's time for him to start BEING the #1 guy.

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