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12-15-2005, 07:01 AM
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Fellas...What the $&*% is up with Guerin??

Seriously guys, Guerin, from my vantage point watching him on the dish, doesn't look anything like the player he was 2 years ago and for pretty much his whole career. Is it me and maybe I'm on island here by saying this, but he looks like he's loafing out there most of the time. He's playing with none of the passion he's been known for in the past and though he's got into a few scrums here and there and he had one somewhat decent hot streak a few weeks ago but that's pretty much about it for Guerin.

So I ask you Dallas faithful, what's the deal with him?. I've always enjoyed watching him play in the past but this year he's for the most part been horrendous. Is the big contract he has weighing him down? Does he want out of Dallas? I didn't think he was too old yet at 34 but I gotta believe he keeps up this monstrosity of a season, Stars likely will be dealing him somewhere, anywhere who'll take his contract.

Anyone has some insights on some of the points I've made here cause I can't imagine Stars brass putting up with this horrific play of Guerin's all too much longer...ya think? Looking forward to reading what you guys think and like I said, maybe I'm on an island here and in the minority in my feeling Guerin's play has been putrid whereas maybe cause you guys see him play more than I have(I've seen about 8-9 Stars games this year), y'all are seeing things I'm not. Anyways, thanks in advance.

PS: Imagine how good the Stars would be if Guerin was actually playing well.....they'd be downright scary!....

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