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12-30-2011, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckface NYR View Post
And i don't understand how you can make such an expert opinion.

Are you a professional scout, coach, gm, etc?

Chad Kolarik has been one of the highest scoring AHL point getters for a couple years now and is a fringe NHL player at best. Management doesn't look at only points when evaluating who will be successful in the NHL.

I can't say i watch Zucc every game, but obviously, if he wasn't a callup behind Mitchell and Hagelin then he is lacking something. Whether its toughness, speed, size, etc, i don't know. With the team we are putting/have put together, I trust there judgements far more than someone who thinks he should be called up and given a chance over a proven NHL'r like Feds.

And if you think Zucc should be in over Rupp then you just don't understand the way hockey is played on the ice. Go re-watch the last minute of today's game. Rupp brings protection, isn't completely unskilled, is a huge veteran presence and has won a cup and been parts of some very good Pens and Devils teams.
Dude, get a grip. The topic was "the future of MZA" and I said he should be a NHL player. Still never said he should be up on the behald of anyone on this team. Never said he should replace Feds or Rupp. What I did say, was that he is a legit top 6 on A TEAM in the NHL depending on their style of play. Also I said that people on this board is too busy promoting their own favorites players to see what best for the team (see the whole continuing Avery discussion).
Did I say Zucc should be on the team instead of Hagelin? No. I said he has a better PPG than Hageling in the Whale.
Did I say he should be in for Feds? no.
Did I say he should be in for Rupp? no.

What I said is that there is a lot of people making unqualified judgement on players they have not seem play.

Expert opinion? Im sorry, all I did was pay $ 6.99 or whatever to watch the game.

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