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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
Yes, I would. There's no such thing as a "secondary goal." There are "secondary assists."
Would you say that Kopitar's assists have been "empty" points, that he was just a passenger who was on ice by coincidence when the goal was scored? Why don't you check his last 10 assists and tell me how many of those were points that he hasn't deserved? If the guy single-handedly kept the puck in offensive zone for a minute, how can that be an empty point...

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Well to be fair it is the annual 0 goals in 17 games and 2 in 24 games circus that has come to town yet again.

I agree with Ziggy. A lot of this is between his ears. He busts his butt, the effort is there. He sure does skate hard along the boards then behind the net before he throws it back to the point. My problem with him is you are going to expend all that energy how about doing it by getting your inside shoulder in front of the defender then leaning in and taking the puck to the net.

I think a lot of Kopitar. He gives a solid effort, but he isn't getting the puck to the middle of the offensive zone anywhere near often enough, and the Kings offense is suffering for it.

Again, given his paycheck and status it is not the wingers that are supposed to help him. It is Kopitar that is supposed to help his wingers.
Helping and doing everything by himself are two different things.

My main frustration with him at the moment is finishing. His shooting at the moment is TERRIBLE! It is like he has a mental block when he knows in advance that he is not going to score, so that is why he doesn't. He needs to talk to some kind of a mental coach, someone who can get his confidence back to a normal level. He will regain his confidence sooner or later and after that he will be the force again. But it would be nice if that period of low confidence is as short as possible. He doesn't believe in himself.

That is one of his personality problems and unfortunately I don't see him getting rid of it any time soon. I think that he will always be prone to losing confidence. I hope that someone has realized that and will do something about it. In my opinion he needs professional help. And before someone says: "but he is 6.8M pla..." - forget it. Every person has good and bad things and this is just his weak side. He doesn't really have that many.

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