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12-30-2011, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Kenny Powders View Post
wtf are you talking about with MVP voting.

MVP = Most valuable player

Whos the MVP in this team, freaking Carey Price and no one is close to even get the title.

and Carey is a top 5 MVP in the NHL, because he has no team in front of him. Just like Malkin is carrying Pittsburgh without Crosby.

And ur a fool saying Price isnt a top 5 goalie in the league. Stop looking at stats.

Price / Miller
Quick / Fleury

but yeah, Blindfold by the fact price isnt carrying this ****** team eh!
Actually I would say Cole is our MVP so far this year. He's having a career year, amid all this ****. What a waste. Cole is superb and I wish we had his buddy Staal playing with him too.

Come on guys, no one is saying Carey is ****, just that he's having an average to good year, and letting in some goals when we need him to shut the door.

I bet Carey would be the first guy to admit that too. The guy is a pro, a superb athlete, and he knows he can do better.

The reason guys like me bring him up is not that we hate him, it's that jeez, with everything else going wrong, it hurts to see CP struggling right now.

Man, dark times. I hate every single game the Habs lose, all of them. Always have. Even the 8, yes: 8! losses in 76-77 hurt. I'm not kidding.

What makes it worse for many of us is that now we kind of hope that Habs finish bottom 5. I don't like to hope this, and none of us do, but it would help the Habs.

How disgusting that all of us now may hope the Habs will lose. I don't think any guy on this board wants that. It's a total drag. But it's the reality.

Happy new year to all of you guys, and to the Habs: I will never stop supporting any guy who wears the CH, ever. I hope the new year is better for all of them.

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