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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
- How far is the rink in correlation to downtown?
Well, historically Ufa was formed up of 2 towns, its shape resembles hourglass.
So we have old Ufa (the bigger south part), Chernikovka (the lesser norh part) and "crosspiece".
The new Ufa Arena (capacity 8000) is in the center of old Ufa, the old LDS (capacity 4400) is in the center of "crosspiece".
It's easy to get to both rinks with different kinds of transport.

- How difficult would it be for one to get around with no Russian (only English and poor French)
Difficult but not impossible.
Much of Russian people learn English in schools and univercities, so you'll can get some help when needed.
It is also possible to order taxi with English-speaking driver (though it might be more expensive).
- How does one typically get around there? Taxi, bus, subway, tram, etc?
Taxi is relatively cheap, you can get trough the whole city (~ 60 km) for about 450 rubles ($15).
It is also not a problem to move by bus, tram or trolleybus.
- Are there decent hotels near the rink?
Yes, there are hotels near both rinks and around.
Is Ufa like any other major European city where you just need some street smarts and common sense?
As I live here I can't answer this question

I can say Ufa habitants are friendly. And WJC will be a notable event for the city.

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