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12-30-2011, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
That is of course a lie. You made the statement in post #31, which I claimed you can't prove. My first post on the subject was post #39 and I talked about wingers' performance there, not about their names.
Re-read my claim in post #31. I can clearly prove that claim considering Kopitar has a terrible stretch like this EVERY SINGLE SEASON. It doesn't matter who he has on his wing. And you should probably go re-read your post in #39. You explicitly name names, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Originally Posted by Nex06
One more time, although I am not sure that you have the motivation to have a constructive discussion, considering what and how you have been writing. I am talking about players' performances. It is hard to say what kind of a winger Williams is at the moment. Is he good or bad winger, you tell me? If he is good, why has he been on the third line? As a King he has been both good and bad. When I say "bad winger" I mean someone who hasn't been playing well at one particular time. And I never claimed otherwise, regardless of what you think. I only remember one time in 6 years when it was possible to say that winger plays better than Kopitar, but Kopitar still played better than #2 center so what can you do. And it didn't last very long.
All of this is groundless speculation. You're basically saying that when Kopitar is scoring, his wingers are playing well. When he's not scoring, his wingers aren't playing well. Here is your quote from post #39 where you say exactly this (and name names, by the way):
And you would know that how? He had Smyth on his wing playing well and Kopitar was great. He had Williams last season on his wing playing well and Kopitar was playing great. He had even Brown on his wing playing well and Kopitar was playing great. He had Gagne on his wing playing well and Kopitar was playing great. He had Williams this season on his wing playing well and Kopitar was playing well.

Who doesn't see the pattern here? Now tell me when did Kopitar have a winger in great form and he wasn't playing well? It happened, yes, but not for longer period, when we could say that he was in a slump. Once he has great wingers and he is playing badly, I will believe all the criticisms and if that happens he should immediately be demoted and let Richards play with top line wingers.
That's a nice cop out to blame everything on Kopitar's wingers struggling. Your whole stance is conjecture. As you will see below, at least I can provide facts to show that Kopitar disappears for incredibly long stretches at a time each season. You have absolutely no evidence to prove that his wingers "aren't playing well" when he struggles. Maybe they "aren't playing well" because he stopped scoring? Either way, we know for a fact that he does this EVERY SEASON.

If you don't realize how incredibly subjective and unfounded your whole "point" is, then it's worthless even dealing with you. Until you can come up with facts to support this, you have nothing to stand on.

Here are some facts:

-Kopitar hasn't scored a goal in 17 straight games
-Kopitar is on pace for 21 goals, which would be his lowest since his rookie season
-Kopitar has 2 goals in the past 24 games (that means he's scored 2 goals over the past 63% of the season!)
-From December 18 to February 19 last season, Kopitar scored 3 goals in 30 games
-From November 11 to January 21 in 2009-2010, Kopitar scored 5 goals in 32 games
-Over the first 49 games of the 2008-2009 season, Kopitar scored 12 goals (i.e. a 20-goal pace)

As the last three points show, he falls off the map when it comes to scoring each season. I didn't even go back to his first two seasons because those were his first two in the league and he was still feeling his way around at that point. He doesn't have that excuse anymore.

He is being paid as the #1 center on the team (and as one of the top #1 centers in the league, mind you). He has been labeled as "the franchise" by any number of people. He has 2 goals over the last 2/3 of the 2011-2012 season. That is unacceptable for someone who is supposed to carry this team when it's needed most.

Here's one for sj: of Kopitar's 10 assists over his 17 game goalless drought, 6 of them were secondary assists.

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