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12-31-2011, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
That means there were SIX ****ING GOALS SCORED!!

That's all that means ffs.

How do you not understand this????

If Kopitar, next year, had 0 goals, and 100 assists,

that would mean.....


Do you not get it?

In order to have any assist, primary, secondary, third, fourth or fifth, A GOAL HAS TO HAVE BEEN SCORED.

Do you really ****ing care who scored it???
Yes, I do care who scores it when it comes to Kopitar. He's supposed to be the nucleus of the Kings' offense. He's not doing that right now. He is being paid to do the majority of the scoring out of the Kings' forward corps. Is he doing that? No.

And again, your "0-100" scenario is completely absurd and unrealistic.

Maybe it didn't occur to you, but your "10 goals is 10 goals!!!111!!" diatribe refers to a period in which the Kings, as a team, have scored 28 goals in 17 games. Have you thought for even just a second that Kopitar's disappearance from the score sheet directly relates to that? The Kings are averaging 1.6 goals per game in that stretch ffs (as you so eloquently say in most of your posts). Kopitar is supposed to be the guy to be carrying the team through down stretches. He clearly is not doing that.

The Kings are past the point of moral victories. It's time for results.

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
No, no it doesn't.

I care that the team as a whole isn't progessing offensively, other than, I could give two ***** to the wind who actually scores the damn thing...
Then you clearly don't have a solid comprehension of value of assets. When a team handed someone the largest cap hit of all its forwards, that forward is expected to carry the load offensively. He clearly is incapable of doing that consistently. That's a problem.

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