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12-30-2011, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Just tuned in to see that there is actually a discussion about trading Price (even if for some perceived equal value). This board has had it's share of insanity, but this year, some of the ideas suck more than the team.

Price lets in 1 bad goal and it's time to consider trading him. What's the most important position in hockey and particularly for the Montreal Canadiens. We lost Roy and guess what, we got his replacement back. Yes, that's right, with the same equivalent team, Price is just as good (to take nothing away from Roy) and he IS the saviour. Just sayin, we FINALLY reverse the worst trade in our history and people want to trade the one guy who can singlehandedly win us a Cup if we put the right team in front of him...

Tough loss in TB and it's past the point of it being a learning experience, but COME ON. In fact I thought we played a great game. Patches needs to bury one, otherwise we're fine. Gionta, please return.
Amid all this misery we are all forgetting guys: We don't have Gionta on the ice. The guy scores goals, he is very tough to play against.

You may laugh, but I think he's our best forward. I'm not kidding.

Look at his killer goal against Pitts to bury them 2 years ago in the PO. That's Gio.

Yeah all of us say he just skates over the blue and shoots. Not true.

I love Gio, he's a superb hockey player, and we miss him badly.

It's funny that not much is said about his absence. it's really hurting us.

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