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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
That's actually not what I was trying to say...

What I was trying to say is that certain defensive schemes aren't conducive to certain types of goalies.

Phoenix played a more defensively responsible scheme while Bryz was there and as a result, lateral movement and fighting through screens weren't quite as important and neither was ability to stop breakaways.

In Philadelphia, we have built our team to be the exact opposite. Our defensemen put the pressure on in the offensive zone and regularly attempt to jump into the play / pinch, often giving up odd man rushes. We also seem to give up an inordinate amount of turnovers off passes out of our own zone. As a result of this scheme, Laviolette's scheme, lateral movement, fighting through screens, and ability to stop breakaways are a premium for Flyers goalies.

Bob flat out does a better job of this than Bryz. And on top of all that, his positioning has been much more solid than Bryz's has this year. And he's out and out just wanted it more.

I still think Bryz can be successful here even being the slowest guy moving laterally that I've ever seen, but his positioning needs a lot of work... and that's an area he was supposed to already have down pat.

He needs to take a seat.

And btw, I out and out disagree with you about the Pittsburgh game. If Bryz is in net, I whole heartedly believe we lose that game. Bob had some pretty nifty lateral moves to stop shots that I feel Bryz would've never been capable of making. Bob was also quite good w/ his positioning, making sure some random shots didn't beat him on the short side (other than the Kennedy top-shelf rocket. Bob also adjusted to his mistakes, not going down early on a shot by Malkin after being beaten by Kennedy.

Bob deserves the start, Bryz deserves to ride the pine.
I didn't see a save that Bob made that I didn't think the current Bryz is capable of making.

I agree with you about the Flyers style of play, Bryz and MOST goalies are going to fail with it. I think BOB will fail with it, when the guys in front of them don't come to play. Because this system is more focused on getting offensive pressure than having 5 men back commited to D.

I have a very short list for goalies that I believe are true difference makers by themselves and complete goaltenders (athletes + mentally there) Flury, Thomas, and probably Ward. IMO EVERY other goalie in this league needs the team in front of them to give some effort.

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