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12-31-2011, 05:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Other than the obvious troll attempt, for someone who's never traveled any further east than western Europe, this is the impression that one has - sadly. Yet on the same hand we know that's not true. But it's so far east, that one can't help but wonder. I wouldn't expect it to be the same as New York or something, but that doesn't mean it's complete crap. Additionally I live in Northern Canada, so the weather there is likely nicer than up here lol. It would likely cost me at least 2k to go to the frozen four, where as it'll probably cost 5ish to go to Russia. And I could care less about college hockey, yet love the WJHC. And watching it in Russia (or Sweden in 2014) would be a blast! I might as well spend the extra and go further and see more of the world than the US.
I'm a westerner (but biased, I have to admit), and of course I've been there. Ufa is probably much, much safer than New York and other big Western cities. Moreover, people is much more friendly if compared with western counterparts, and they are always curious about foreigners. Plus I think the organization will make an effort to accomodate tourists during the WJC. And if you're smart (especially if you get to know the language), Russia is a cheap place especially concerning food and transports.
With that being said, going in Russia without knowing Russian might be tricky. Think of the US without knowing English...
If I will be there I can help you, I speak both English and Russian and I can call a taxi for you Russians taxists can be not pleasant to deal with if you don't speak the language. Not that in other countries where I've been it was different, though...

EDIT: Lol since we talk about sandwiches, remember that russian sandwiches (buterbrod is Russian for sandwich) are usually different eg they don't have the upper slice of bread.

Алексей Черепанов навсегда в наших сердцах

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