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Originally Posted by Lesky View Post
Signing Drury and Gomez was Glen Sathers biggest mistakes. Should have given Jagr a 4 year x 4 million deal before Jagr went to Russia.

Jagr had to carry that team every year and looked what happened the years after he left, they fell apart. Not until now when the team has completely changed they are are force again.

Jagrs 2005-2006 season was the most brilliant season of any player I have watched since the Mario Lemieux comeback in 2000-2001. I remember a game at the Gardens where Jagr had a hatrick and had chances to get maybe 7-8 goals easily.

The turning point in Jagrs Rangers career was the shoulder injury in the playoffs that year. Jagr lost his shot partially after this, if you compare his shooting before and after the injury, its a big difference. And Jagrs shoulder were badly injured.

In fact Jagr tried to play anyway, and going down in the first shift taking a hit and had to be carried of ice. I wonder what stats Jagr would have put up in the next seasons if that injury would not have happened. Surely enough to trigger that extra year on the contract with the Rangers.
I agree with you. I think in 2006-07 Jagr would have most likely challenged for the Art Ross and Hart again if not for his shoulder injury. He was half the player he was the previous year and still put up 96 Pts. I think in my mind if Jagr was healthy in 2006-07, having lost the Art Ross and Rocket Richard on the last day of the year the previous season, I think he would have comeback hungry and played with a vengeance and I don't think Crosby could have beaten a healthy Jagr for the scoring title.

In 2007-08 though I think it's very complex. I don't think it was only injuries that held him back. I think his own pressure to do well, his lack of chemistry with Drury and Gomez (remember Nylander was now gone), his team's clear decision to move away from Jagr being the centerpiece and moving towards Drury and Gomez as the centers of attention of their offense that led to Jagr being ultimately discontent that contributed to Jagr's low of 71 Pts. I also think Jagr wasn't as fit physically as he had been the previous 2 seasons and he was tiring out. I think Jagr was also pacing himself for the playoffs which showed that when he wanted to, Jagr could still be a dominant force, quite possibly the most dominant player in the NHL even at age 36.

Certain New York fans took his last season as a Ranger as "Jagr being lazy and quitting on the team" when in reality Jagr is the only reason they even managed to win a game against the Penguins in the second round.

Fans of teams always defend their players when they struggle by saying that they didn't have good linemates or linemates that complement their games. Jagr clearly suffered from this as he was playing with 4th line players on certain nights and had a different center almost every shift and game yet he gets slammed and flamed for not scoring at a 90 + Pts pace like he did the previous 2 seasons. Chemistry is a very important and underrated theme in the NHL. Just look at the Sedin twins.

As I had been doing earlier this year in this forum, I had been saying that Jagr's last season in New York wasn't necessarily him slowing down, getting old and no longer being able to dominate but rather him not being as happy (yes he's moody but wouldn't you be if you were put in the same situation as he was in 2007-08?). I totally foresaw this so-called "rejuvenation" of Jagr only because I knew that Jagr wasn't slowing down and regressing in 2007-08 but rather it was certain circumstances that led to Jagr's statistical decline.

Jagr is too talented, too fit and too motivated not have done well at this stage of his career. Barring any other injuries or a serious injury, I think Jagr will score 80-95 Pts. He usually is a better second half performer anyways.

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