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12-31-2011, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Is this a new law that just went into effect? As far as I'm aware you have been allowed to have a dish of up to 3M in diameter for the past 10+ years...BUT with the caveat that nobody can restrict you as long as the area you place it is under your exclusive control. Basically if you have a private balcony you can't be prevented. However, you can't place it on your rooftop or on the facade of the building without permission. So for most people who live in NYC a dish is not really a doable option. For everyone who has a private balcony facing the South/Southwest there are likely 9 others who are stuck with cable.
Honestly, not 100% sure. In my building, we had a guy with a dish (directtv) and the co-op board had been after him to take it down. His argument was it was sitting on his airconditioner and not attached to the building, but he lost in the end. I remember reading last year about the city passing a law prohibiting buildings to enter exclusive agreements with providers. They can offer discounts, but can't prohibit residents from choosing a different provider. I'll have to email the lawyer who gave me that info. She is a friend of my wife, and gave me the info over tailgating, so I'll need a more detailed explanation.

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