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11-05-2003, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
are there any rangers fans on these boards that are pro-rangers! come on this team looks pretty good. lets enjoy it.
I was just going to same the same exact thing. How many times after a game that has been won can you say, "3rd no good. Dunham is holding the team together. Messier shouldn't be the shining star. Were are the other guys." What matters is wins! It doesn't matter how you get there! Stop this nonsense. We could go on a fifteen game winning streak and I bet if I come here I will see the same stuff.

Headline: "Rangers Win President's Trophy"

Come hear and read: "There D seems a bit shaky in the 3rd. Dunham is holding in and that is scary. oooh, so scary. They have to start losing at this pace."

It almost seems us Ranger fans are so used to losing we don't want it to end. There will be nothing left to talk about on here.

Can we just enjoy what is happening and look at the positives?

What about how great the passing has been over the last 7 games? What about being 3rd in less goals against? What about making a statement like this: "Wow, we are winning games with a 42 center scoring day in and day out! Can't wait until the rest start playing hot!"

Do we ever look at it like that? We say ooooh, that is not good when Mess, Barnaby, and Simon are scoring the goals. Is there something wrong with this? Why is it the stars that we only look for the goals from? Do you realize the goals scoring spread out amongst all four lines is how the Devils win cups? Hasn't this penetrated your skulls yet? What is happening right now is what we must hope for the rest of the way! Noone standing out in goals scored. Let everyone get 20. A win is a win is a win! Why do we always have to have the dramatics of one player scoring day in and day out. Doesn't make sense. You don't win hockey games like that never mind playoffs and cups.

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