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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I just called Time Warner and asked for an update. The woman said no agreement yet and I may lose the service today. I told her that if they are not going to carry Knicks and Rangers games, then they might as well stop conducting business in NYC. I also don't understand why they don't have these contracts expire during the off-season.
Because that would be intelligent and pro-consumer.

We are going to have this problem until we INSIST our goverment recognizes that THE PEOPLE own the right to the lines under which cables are run, and we should not allow any construct in which Time Warner, Cablevision, this one, that one, the other one, gets off with a cheap deal.

The minimum standard SHOULD BE:
1 People authorizes govt which authorizes cable providers, who must bend, buckle and break to the will of the people, or let the taxpayers lay out to do this once and for all and not get their pockets continually picked.

2 We should have the cables serviced/upgraded and paid for directly by taxpayers, so that providers will not extort consumers with added charges above and beyond cost.

3 We then say that any provider can negotiate any package with any consumer, as a manager on behalf of the government on behalf of the people (consumer taxpayers). However, no consumer should be forced to take largely undesirable packages to subsidize crap and drive up cost of what is desired.

4. That means a minimim of the real news channels for a cheap minimum basic package, and then pay for each additional channel, possibly enhanced by group bundles -- you only want MSG + yes, fine, you want more sports, MSG, Yes, + ESPN, etc = volume discount.

Most importantly, to do all this we need more than complain here, but get after state and federal legislators to legalize the above construct exclusively, so we don't give providers the opportunity to ream us.

To do that, we need to first elect politicians who are consumer friendly and hold them accountable.

IMO, this means no evil greedy conservative republicans, and mods, I qualified that with IMO so it should be not objectionable and good to stay up. (There is no question that while all parties are flawed, one party is more pro business at all costs, screw the middle class and little guy in the process --- and it aint the Democrats.)

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