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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Nope. Not yet anyways. The Lightning one year had like 151 goals in an 82 game season. We are vying to be one of the worst though.

Agreed. I also agreed with this several games back when everyone was clamouring for Richardson and lewis (especially Lewis) to get a shot on the top two lines. Lewis had four points in five games apparently one time and somehow that was supposed to overshadow the fact he has four career goals. Just because players can skate decent, suddenly they become the latest shiny new toy. Half this board has ADHD I swear.

This. While I am disappointed we didn't get a win considering all we needed was a frickin goal in 60 minutes, we still netted three points on a back to back aginst two of the hottest teams in the elague and didn't allow a signle regulation goal. Plus Bernier continues to look better and better and this game will only help that.

Who says we aren't? It's not the most common time of year to see trades done. Maybe there just aren't any deals worth taking at the moment.

Btw, those "thrashers" are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and sitting 6th in the East with virtually the same record as us.

That is truly a freaky stat. What's the league average?

Are you referring to the homeruns for Boston being just Lucic and Marchand? If so, LA's hit like that since 1980. 83 (Galley, Stevens) 88 (Gelinas, Blake) 90 (Sydor, Lang) 97 (Jokinen, Corvo) 2000 (Frolov, Visnovsky) and 2005 (Kopitar, Quick) for sure. If you meant something else, my apologizes.

So Bernier and Johnson for Connolly? Stop watching the WJC already!

Connolly will be alright, but he's a 20-25 goal guy I bet for his career. He's not Heatley or Stamkos.

I'd give Semin a try if the price was decent. Stoll and pick for Semin.

We did that. Do you mean fire Kompon? Because firing Darryl would be pretty dumb. Offense or not, we are 3-0-2 under him.

Penner had a good game I thought. Had a great tip in front of Mason in I think the second and nearly got the rebound. If he had, we'd likely have a 1-0 win and he'd be the hero.

Penner's been bad, but he's not the main problem with this team. He played good last night from what I seen.

Agreed. If we had scored a goal in regulation, this team would be the greatest thing since sliced bread and all the talk would be about how awesome the defense has been to allow zero goals in 120 minutes+. Instead, the team sucks, let's trade Johnson and Bernier for a kid whose lighting up the WJC and we should just tank to get a good pick.

Everyone should just chill out. We have 8 points in five games under Sutter and are moving up. I've been one of the biggest critics of the fact our offense scores less than a 19-year-old in Belgium but we should be looking at the positives here. 8 out of 10 points under Sutter, with all of one practice to work with. Give him a chance to impliment his system before we screw for a rebuild while we call DL a witch and toss him into a river with a boulder tied to his feet.

Chill out.
As I often do I agree with everything you have said (it was what I was saying/trying to say also).

We expect a guy who hasn't coached in awhile take over a struggling team 30 some games into the season, a team that has played together for the most part for a couple of seasons and is still looking for an absolute identity and turn them right into world beaters in 5 games?

The mere fact that we have 8 points in those 5 games is freaking fantastic if you ask me (take a look at how well BB has done down in Ana or DH has done with the vunderkind Ove and the Caps for reference).

For the first time since Vachon (and at times even then) we have truly astonishingly great goaltending and a defence that is world class. Let the coach have another ten games to develop/implement (and here is the most critical part) EVALUATE what he has as far as offence is concerned before we go on another "BURN THE WITCH" B.S. run.

Do we need a speed sniper winger? YES.

Could we use a new PP coach? I can't see how you could really argue otherwise.

Are we back to being an excellent team who plays with heart and at times like they are unbeatable? They look that way to me.

We are MUCH MUCH MUCH closer to success than failure here so is it fair to be cautious and even concerned? Sure, why not. I feel that way about allot of things that I love and know that I can count on.

Is there any reason to even let it be a true concern at this point though? NO. Why? Why not give this new coach his 20 games (sort of a standard timeline for new coaches to start expecting their voices to be heard and acted on in my experience) to find out if we have made a great move or pooped the bed?

Kopi is a PROVEN SCORER and the fact that he hasn't scored a ton of goals shows more to his commitment to defencive play than anything else. Oh and when a team is struggling the first thing that you will watch most good teams do is play smart hard defencive hockey. PERIOD. It is what can make an average team a world beater.

You want examples? There are hundreds for you all you need to do is take a look at how well NJ, Phila, Mont (now and then) Buff (now and then) and on and on have been so successful for so long. Now I am not saying we don't still need O help but for crapping out loud we aren't in any serious trouble just yet.


Then hit that red PANIC button as hard as you want and go into full meltdown freak out mode if that is what you need to do heck, if we don't go above a 650 win % I might join you but for now, for the next bit of time why not just relax and enjoy the team and the game.

Like allot of us I have been around the team since the very early 70's (some times from about as far away as you can get but not always) and I can honestly tell you that I like our team and our chances today more than any other time in our history save 93 and maybe what we had prior to the 99 deal (not entirely but we had some major talent and were headed in the right direction).

Sorry for jumping on KF but I see allot of panic on the boards when there should be at least some more praise.

Pat (PSP) if you see this, I don't think you are entirely wrong either. Just put me down for this offseason before I start considering meltdown mode on DL and co (same for you tomd).

I am going to spend the next few weeks enjoying the game.

For those who have asked if I know about any potential deals that we might be considering. Take it with the a cup full of your favorite kosher sea salt but I have heard that DL is working on a deal that had fallen apart prior to TM being fired that would give us a scoring winger/sniper if it goes through.

I have heard so many names and teams that who knows if it is true or not but I get asked either via PM or email and that is about as much as I know at the time. I am doing a different sort of job following JR hockey that takes up a ton more of my time so I don't hear as much as I used to.







GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!

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