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11-05-2003, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekanec

Wow, 5 goals!!! I personnally particulary liked his last one against the Rangers in a 5-1 lost... What a goal, what a sniper! He shot behind the net on the skate of a defender and rebounded in the net!!!
That's one of the reactions I hate coming from certain Habs fans. With the few goals we manage to score, shouldn't we be happy when lucky goals happen for us? Many times in the past we got scored on lucky goals, and we didn't talk about that. Instead, we were busy bashing our goalthender. As long as we can score, who cares how it's done, as long as we do score.

Stop looking for the play of the week, the perfect set up, for christsake. Who cares anyways, it's not important because it's a goal of the scoresheet either way. That's what you call opportunism. As for you bashing Perreault, how come am I not surprised to see that coming from you? I don't know why he should take more of the blame than others. However, you seem to always focus on him. Hey, is it a bad thing having negative comments about guys like Markov and Zednik? Actually they were more painful to watch then Perreault last night. You wanna talk about underachievers, then let's talk about Richard Zednik. What a sniper. Unbelievable.

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