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12-31-2011, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by LastRide View Post
I agree, getting rid of Gio who plays hard 99% of the time is dumb. You would be getting rid of one of the most hard working guys on the team. He almost scores 30 last year (one off) and you guys want to get rid of him for peanuts. He's a good veteran who will score big goals and work hard.

Cammy disappears most of the time, but it could be too early to give up on him right now. Unless you get a great return back. His 2 years with the Habs haven't been great. Atleast he showed up in the playoffs last year. If these two guys go, who provides scoring for us ?. For sure we will be dead last in the league. Just don't cry about the team not scoring.

cammy better not become like kovalev use to be(not the 07-08 season) comes shows up once in a while.

someone needs to tell cammy showing up in the playoffs is great BUT you need to show up in the season to get to the playoffs

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