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Originally Posted by Sipowitz84 View Post
My statement is 100% right on Jagr. He played when and only when he wanted to.
He was downright awful his last season, until the end when he "felt" like playing.

He is a selfish, immature man child, and there is a reason every former team he has played for boos him. HE is truly excellent at making people hate him, and for good reason.
That's a bit harsh. If Jagr was so awful, what about the rest of that Rangers team? Jagr still scored more than them.

Did Jagr kill your dog or something? You seem bitter about a hockey player. Did he do something to you?

Are you a Penguins fans in disguise? Go ask the Rangers players yourself, including former Ranger Shanahan about what they thought about Jagr. I bet they will have nothing but good things to say about him. In fact Lundqvist who is the most popular Rangers player said Jagr was an amazing teammate and he has remained friends with him.

Your posts show you to be the immature man child. Get over yourself.

His 3 years served as a Ranger were more dominant than any other Ranger ever. Find me a Ranger that scored 290 Pts over 3 years like Jagr did.

If Jagr was so bad, I doubt there would have been a thread about the possibilities or retiring his jersey in New York which was discussed on here back in 2008.

If you're going to hate on Jagr in 2007-08 then you better hate on ever single Ranger that season other than Lundqvist. Gomez, Drury, Prucha, Shanahan.... were all awful.

Jagr wasn't as dominant as years past but awful he was not.

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