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Originally Posted by Charlie_Girl
There are good and bad ones spread across the province. Considering they're volunteers, I tend to give them some leeway on pronunciations and the like. Some of them are downright hilarious though!

The Guelph announcers are probably the best I've seen for impartiality. I agree Tom, the London guys are a little over the top. If you were away from the TV and just listened to the game, you'd have a difficult time trying to find out what other team is on the ice. Kitchener used to have an ex-ref who brought an interesting viewpoint, but they have their own overused phrases too. Turple never makes a save; he robs someone.

After talking with a few American team fans, I guess we should just consider ourselves lucky that we get to see games, no matter who is broadcasting them!

You make some pretty good points. They are all amateurs for the most part and we are lucky to get the feed. The OHL pack is a nice addition to the rest of the sports package.

I saw the ex-ref, and although he was a bit old school and gruff, his points were usually pretty good ones. The Kitchener crew is not bad, but sometimes they get a bit whiny and over the top. But hey, at least they are calling the game.

If the guys calling the game get too bad I will put on the local radio feed if it is a London game. The time delay is irritating, but sometimes not as much as the TV feed.

I wish they would standardize the Rogers score clock and penalty times on the various broadcast screens. Sometimes the times are way out of synch or not on the screen at all.

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