Thread: Rumor: Work Stoppage next year.
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01-01-2012, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by 24stanleycups View Post
Aside from the fact that this would be horrendous, it could also be brilliant for us should we tank this year.The last lockout happened in the year that Sidney Crosby became draft eligible, and lead to a dramatic lottery for the right to draft him. It almost seemed poetic. Could it be that Nathan Mackinnon is destined to share the same fate and become the next one and if so, the standings of this season would be used to decide how many balls per team are put into the machine in which case the bottom 4 would receive 3. We could be one of those teams.
I cant see a whole season next year

the salary floor is a joke where teams dont even generate the floor in revenue

also these ridiculous 10 year type deals, and also the rich teams being able to dump players in the minors and not count against the cap is a problem for the lower ranked teams

what is the point of a CBA if the Rangers have the ability to bury 20 mil in the minors
at some point you have to liable for your stupdity

plus Fehr is one tough SOB , I see a work stappage

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