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01-01-2012, 11:43 AM
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It's always tricky since sticks are on clearance all the time. I think the "big boys" might do that on purpose to crowd out the smaller brands. When you're dropping $100+ on a hockey stick you'll take the safer option.

The way that Harrow did it was very cool, giving 50% off to get the foot in the door. I know a buddy of mine ordered some sticks two years ago and won't use anything else (then again he's literally using the same two sticks and they will not break so he doesn't have to replace them). Unfortunately once the offer expired, the price of a two piece went up with shipping to about $150, which is the price of a stick you can drive to the store and pick up, and it would be lighter and higher performance. and the ST is a very similar stick to the Harrow for the same price, plus it's an Easton.

Tricky market.

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