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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
They have been really similar. SE was the SL with a bit more material because they were breaking so easily. SE16 was the same thing with a little weight added at the heel and shaft for balance. EQ50 is the same thing with more weights and windows. ST I'm not sure how different it is but I thought it was the same as the Synergy with a lot more of a wrap which made it more durable but heavier.

It's kind of nice that they are offering a basic stick. I've never felt it was low kick, just a "regular" kick stick. It'd be nice if they keep it up especially with the lower prices they've been everywhere I've looked.
I am thinking that Easton got the concept right and created a relatively basic, but consistant and well performing stick

so if the Synergy line: SL/Elite/SE16 and EQ50 are pretty much the same basic stick with small pragmatic enhancements, I can see why the pro's would still be willing to switch it up, without having to make any adjustments.
thinking aobut it... SE16 would be Synergy Elite 16 then...

why I was curious was... a couple guys who are part timers on my team, play in the federal league and previously in finland and they swear by their vintage looking Elites and STs (orange/blue ST's and Silver Elites... heck even on guy plays with a orange "synergy" that doesn't even say any other model on it)

the ST feels much the same like the Synergy, just about 40-50 grams heavier.

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