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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
A few things :

-A ton of luck. Everyone clicked and had their best possible season with almost no injuries. Things rarely come together like this. Players are human beings who have issues like everyone else.
-A great PP. It meant that even if we weren't that intimidating physically, teams couldn't do what they wanted with us for fear of paying the price with our PP. That's important if you want to ignore physical play altogether that you do have the offensive tools to make the other team pay. Otherwise nothing stops the other team from roughing your team up.
-SOLID goaltending with the Huet/Price tandem. Not that Price is horrible this year, but he's not playing up to his capabilities and is being overworked by a desperate coaching staff who had planned on playing the backup more but are caught in a vicious cycle of trying to make up for the bad streak at the start. Playing him too much is squandering our advantage of having a good goalie since he's not playing well anymore. Back then, we had Huet-Price and that was a great tandem similar to rask/thomas but not as good. But I guess Gainey had to go **** that up and then Price crumbled in the playoffs (understandable since he was 20) and they felt they had no other options but to keep riding Price into the ground.
-We were creative offensively. They weren't forced into doing the same low risk low reward plays until something gave at one end or another.
-Players were treated fairly in terms of opportunities and ice time. If you were good and were playing well you would get to play with good players and get ice time no matter if you were a younger player or not. Young players weren't immediately thrown under the bus at the first mistake and got chances to play big roles if they were capable. And they really helped that year (Plekanec, Higgins, Latendresse, SK, AK, Price, Lapierre, Grabo all aged between 20-24 and having little NHL experience not to mention Streit).
-We weren't tough but we weren't pushovers. Guys stood up for one another.

All I can say is that the 07-08 season was a lot of fun to watch. The only fun I've had watching the habs in the last 15 years of regular season play. Lots of great moments.. the NYR-habs come back... Kovalev incredible season.. the highlight reel goals from AK...That was fun. Even when we lost it was fun to watch. The current habs edition had all of its creativity removed little by little. They're robots with no emotion and it's incredibly boring. The 07-08 season was the only season where one could have a certain hope of the habs going all the way. Against the flyers where we lost, I never felt that we were in over our heads. We had tons of chances and it was just one goalie outplaying another (Biron VS Price).

That's not enough. I want more of that. One year out of 15 years just isn't cutting it for me. Before people bring up the 09-10 playoffs... hope people understand we never had a shot at winning it all that year. We squeaked into the playoffs on the last game with the lowest point total imaginable and rode a hot goalie to a 3rd round we might as well not have made it to since we got embarrassed once there. SOed 3 times in 5 games ? Unable to win if we didn't score first or even compete after that ? It was bad and embarrassing. Crosby put it best when he said (paraphrased) : How do you play against a team whose game plan is to get outshot ? If that was the game plan then that was sad, and our luck had to run its course eventually as soon as we didn't face a goalie/defense in complete meltdown.

This edition of the habs was not built properly. I can't believe people still defend the 09 summer moves. They were horrible moves. The team has been nothing but mediocre.

I want a long term plan. I don't accept the mentality that "once in the playoffs anything can happen". That's just settling for making the playoffs. If you need to fight for 82 games and play 110% all season long just to barely make it you're not in any shape to win it all once you make it. Players need to be able to relax a little and not have to play 110% every game for 82 games. They need a 5-10 games cushion at the end where they don't have to push hardcore where they can let up a little and heal small injuries and still have a hope to win those games.

We need a management with a different perspective. It doesn't have to be a complete rebuild since we do have some building blocks in place, but we have to pull off big signings and/or big trades if we can't get a star forward at the draft table. We can't squander assets at all like we have been doing with no return whatsoever. For that to happen the management has to be replaced. We need the best management, best scouts, etc. Hope Molson is ready to pay to get it if needs be.

build it the right way , not the patch way we always do it

bang on bro , Gainey patch it brutally and PG is adding icing on the bad cake with Markov, Cole , etc... regardless of Cole`s 16 goals , wrong player for the wrong team at the wrong time , as usual
team needs an overhaul but it starts first with new management like Ciarelli and Holland who have long term vision

there is no way in hell we are in this state if either or runs this ship

Molson and company stop this BS and accept defeat and start over the right way

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