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12-15-2005, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by _Flyers_
if the cap goes up, does that mean that the highest salary an individual player can earn will also go up? i think it's at what? $6.7mil? if it goes up to $45mil, thats probably $7mil+
What is the maximum percent a player can be again? I think it's 20% so right now a player can be 7.8mil. So under $45m it would be 9mil allowed for one player. Big time UFA's will have to start higher market evaluators to decide on the length of new contracts. If you are a top UFA and can get the max one year, and you sign a long term deal, the cap could rise and you miss out on potential money OR the cap could lower and you win big because your salary can't be decreased.

However $45m IS the high estimate. What the actual amount will be is still far away. Anyone know if playoff revenues are counted, or are those just split separately? ALSO most importantly does anyone know when the NFL releases their annual Cap number? Is it early in the offseason so that teams know exactly what they will be allowed to spend? I'd presume the NHL number each year would have to be figured out before the UFA season began.

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