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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
In that video, show me what Avery did that is ANYTHING SIMILAR to what Rupp did.

Carcillo runs Gaborik, Avery challenges him, he accepts.

Kopecky SUCKER PUNCHES MDZ, the refs try to break everything up, Rupp says **** that, grabs Kopecky and pounds him.

How is it in anyway similar? Girardi defended Gaborik last year too, and he wouldn't do what Rupp did. There's plenty of players on this team who defend their teammates who wouldn't do what Rupp did. Dropping the gloves and fighting mutually is not the same as grabbing somebody and making them pay, largely in part because Avery is not a great fighter.

Boyle also has defended his teammates, but since he's a **** fighter he couldn't do something like that.

Changing my tone? Please. People act like I have an agenda against this guy when I was defending him last year- last year when we DIDN'T HAVE BETTER OPTIONS. Sean Avery would not, or COULD NOT, do what Mike Rupp did there. People aren't afraid to fight Sean Avery.

The fact that Avery was dragged into this in the first place is ****ing ridiculous.
Reading comprehension.

I didn't say anything about the video of Avery fighting Carrillo. I mentioned an incident in which a Ranger ( I think it was Staal but not certain ) got hit from behind and Avery immediately jumped the guy and started pounding away. It's the exact scenario you claim Avery doesn't do. Hopefully someone else will remember who it was against and be able to find a video.

Edit: still cant remember who it was against but here's another example that's almost as good:

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