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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
Considering the guys we're missing haven't contributed in a few years, I'd say it's a huge stretch. Gionta is the only one who matters at this point. Markov/Gomez have been gone or non productive for awhile. Campoli and Spacek were suppose to turn this team around, instead of Campoli/Spacek we have Campoli/Kaberle. Upgrade right, not in the Win column. Now they're back and we still suck, now it's because Gomez is out, haha, we miss his 7 goals.

Markov, I didn't count him as anything before the season started, so him being injured isn't a valid excuse, we knew his situation long ago. If we can't overcome the loss of Gionta, then we are a lot worse than we expected. I think we're a bad team, period.
Its not a stretch.
They may be part of the supporting cast rather than leaders and offensive dynamos, but still, when you lose so many players simultaneously, you're going to be badly affected.

Its not as much as losing Gionta, its just that now, instead of having 3 decent lines, your third one is Eller alongside Darche and Nokelainen, and you have to play Blunden instead of Moen. Not the same quality at all.

Just an example.
Defensive-zone faceoff, you're on the road.

Who are you going to use ?
Plekanec, and possibly Gomez. He cant score, yes, but he's not going to be scored on very often either. He's reliable defensively.

If Gomez is out, you're left with Plekanec, and possibly Eller.
Still, now, your best centerman is more often than not trying to protect your team rather than trying to score.

Later, you have several quality wingers (Moen and Gionta) also out, you cant rely on Eller to help him. He's alongside Nokelainen and Darche, thats just too much to ask.
And you're in a much tougher situation offensively, where you only have 1 line (Desharnais') in a relatively decent situation.
Plekanec had to start, for an extended period, more than 60% of his shifts in his own zone. Thats huge.

Same problem with the D. We only have 2 decent players, Gorges and Subban.
We cant split them up, unless we are sure to have 2 decent pairings. With Markov there, you are sure to have at least 2 decent (to say the least) pairings.
He is slow to come back ? Well, we're not medical specialists.

A backup plan, fine, but in September, and with already 7 D on the roster, its not going to be more than a backup plan.

The difference between the expectations and what is actually possible to do with the current team is a real problem.
The initial plan was centered around depth to protect an offensive 3rd line, the depth is gone.
The initial plan was probably centered around a duo with Markov and Subban, and the guarantee to have 2 good pairings used alongside that depth to protect the 3rd unit and allow her to kill the opposition, Markov is not there, the adjustement of the newcomers is also slower than expected.

[Healthy, its actually very likely that the 11-12 team is better than 07-08 team.
Sure, they finished 1st, but with only 104 points.
Their GD was +40. The special units alone were responsable for 30 of these 40 goals. ]

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