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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
A big center is a factor. Its not the be all end all but its a factor because its elusive. Him being Canadian HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT.

Montreal hasnt had a center like a Staal in what 15-20 years now?

The excitement over someone like Staal is the fact he is 6-4, 220 pounds, is just 23 and has already essentially two 50 point seasons under his belt in a non offensive role. Even on this years Pens where there is no Crosby, he is 8th on Pittsburgh in PP time, last year 10th, year before that 8th. Top PP minutes would likely add 10-20 points more a year. He already has three 20 goal seasons under his belt as well. Thats why any team would love to have a player like this and its a tough pill for people to swallow because down the middle, Pittsburgh already has Malkin and Crosby.
Maybe not on this board, but i do know there is a bias towards the european-born players in the medias, at least.

He can be the smallest or the fattest player in the world, it doesnt matter.
What matters is his ability, on the ice, to be a good player, and to fit in your team if you ever have to trade for him.

Again, the non-offensive role is very debatable, especially since Crosby is out for a year now.
Staal is considered as a defensive specialist, fine, but you have to remember that Plekanec's matchups are harder. Plekanec is also a defensive specialist, and he's used, overall, for several years now, in a more defensive role than Staal is.

Imagine if Staal blabla, we can do exactly the same with Plekanec.

Top PP minutes are not going to change anything, because that PP time is going to eat ES or SH time.
The bonus in points scored on the PP is not really relevant. Staal's offensive numbers are never going to beat Plekanec's as long as both Staal, Malkin and Crosby are in the same team, and if they're improving, they're probably going to hurt the defensive part of his job.

If you change the player, you knew what you had, but you dont know if Staal will be able to play as strongly as Plekanec was able to.

And we have good reasons to think that Plekanec is more likely better than Staal in the situation we have.
I'll also say that Eller's defensive awareness is another reason about why its not a good idea. Staal brings absolutely nothing that we dont have.

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