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01-01-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
I figured I would chime in here. First off, EPS does a great job on the older style edge jerseys (black and white). Having said that, what player and what size jersey are you getting? EPS tends to sew the nameplate a little higher than what was actually worn on the ice. Now for a player like Briere or Giroux, this isn't much of a problem because of the length of the last name. But if you go for a player with a longer name, JVR for example, you might run into some problems.

The jersey below I had done by EPS.

This jersey had to be fixed by EPS after they initially sewed the nameplate above the back seam of the jersey despite the nameplate being sewn directly on top of the seam for game worn jerseys. This caused it to overlap onto orange shoulder part of the jersey. So like I said, if you get Briere or Giroux, this likely wouldn't happen, but for longer named players, and some average length names but with small jersey sizes, this could be a problem. This jersey is a size 52 btw.

Just be extremely emphatic with Josh if you are afraid of the nameplate overlapping. Specifically tell him and write on the order form that you want the nameplate sewn directly on top of the seam.
Good advice. Basically, talk to them like you're talking to someone who knows nothing about jerseys. Speak in brutal detail.

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