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Originally Posted by hockeyman1707 View Post
Maybe the Smith hit was a little too obvious NOT to call...Just because he correctly gives Smith 8 games here doesn't mean he hasn't shown a general trend of favoritism towards the wings. 1 Correct call doesn't make up for 6 very BS ones.
You act as though only the Red Wing players have gotten away with hits, which isn't true.

Being a Blues fan is hard, you don't have to tell me that, but all this talk that the world is out to get us and it's a conspiracy, and Shanny is being a homer, and Detroit gets away with everything is becoming a bit too much.

Shanny did play here and he did enjoy his time here, except for maybe Keenan, but that's a different story, so it's not like he sees the Blues and is like how can I screw them today. The Datsyuk play might have deserved a 2 minute penalty, but that was about it, that hit was more of just good, hard hockey between rivals. Cole's play was dangerous.

If you want to talk about conspiracy's or god awful calls, look at the Deckinger or the 5th down game against Mizzou or the kick and catch play in the Nebraska-Mizzou game.

Bottom-line, Cole deserved a suspension.

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