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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
I can tell you that I can also find a S19 for $119 and a EQ50 for $100 at a local hocky shop, so... thats my problem
at this price, why would I buy a non-Easton... and that's really my complaint

if you're going to buy a chinese graphite stick that has copied patents that Easton/Bauer etc.. have designed... they should be cheaper than $100, even if it is as good.

I can tell you that the Mikken I tried felt really nice, but again not know how well the blade will continue to feel and whether the shaft will continue to load the same after a few months, makes it hard to drop $150 for one
Thats a very good point, I totally agree with that and I too use Easton. I like the blue ice but I felt more comfortable with a known tested brand. That being said whats your store? I gotta get me an S19 for a $119 up here their still $229+. Do they have a website?

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