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Originally Posted by diehardbluesfan View Post
If you get hit in the jaw, you're not going to get a concussion, that's my point.

Yes it does, if his dumbass teammate didn't set him up to get nailed by having his head down, then he wouldn't of hit his head at all. Cole didn't even him that hard either.

Datsyuk's clearly hit Jackman in the head, even Wings fan on HF said that.

If you honestly think that, you are either very delusional or very biased. Datsyuk didn't even get a penalty on that hit, Lidstrom always get bailed out some how on penalties, the penalty on Dags and Arnott in the 1st game last week were just terrible that led to goals IIRC. The NHL & refs let Detroit and especially their super stars get away with a lot more than regular teams. If that was Lidstrom instead of Cole, he wouldn't of even got a fine, probably not even a penalty, and you know that's true.
You can absolutely get a concussion from a shot to the jaw, its one of the easiest ways to knock someone out cold as well.

Ericsson's dumb ass pass may have put Abdelkader in the vunerable position but it doesn't change the fact that its Coles job to make sure he contacts the body first not the head. Its not a factor in the leagues decision to suspend or not suspend, its just a silly justification you're using to defend a bad hit.

I'm not saying Datsyuk didn't hit Jackman in the head but if he hit body first than its a legal check by Shanahans standards.

at the irony of your post and you calling me biased!

Originally Posted by hockeyman1707 View Post
Yet Shanahan isn't being consistent with his Wings. A couple weeks ago, Kronwall performed the most reckless hit I have ever seen on Ryan Kesler by turning his back and leaving his feet. If what cole did was reckless and what Kronwall did wasn't, then I dont know what is. Kronwall never even got a game suspension for the **** he pulled that game. I hate the NHL for this reason.
Kronwalls hit was a textbook charge, he clearly left his feet making the hit but the principal point of contact was with Kesler's chest then his head, Coles was the opposite catching jaw first then body. They may both be illegal but the league has been very open about what they're cracking down on and Coles hit was a textbook example of it.

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