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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
You guys are still waiting for tx to show how 2 + 2 = 5, huh? Even a bull gives up when he comes to a stone wall.
What are you talking about? It makes perfect sense. Green sucks brutally at defense, we all know that, so you need to put up an exceptional defensive pro to cover for all of his amateur mistakes, like Jeff Plus Fifty Schultz. Can you imagine Orlov being remotely as good at hockey as Jeff Plus Fifty Schultz? I certainly can't. And that doesn't even take into account Orlov's lack of veteranship that Jeff Plus Fifty Schultz has in spades from being a veteran. What if there comes a moment when the game rests on Green's partner having to make a veterany decision? Orlov will certainly blow it! Hell, putting an inexperienced completely inept hockey player like Orlov with a defensively absent rover like Green will result in them just chipping pucks at their own net from the moment they hit the ice and making Vokoun give them the death stare.

But yeah, Orlov-Green or Orlov-Wideman would be a total disaster because that's what typecasting players without actually watching them play tells us. Now Hamrlik-Green and Schultz-Wideman/Erskine-Wideman, just hand us the cup now.

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