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Originally Posted by diehardbluesfan View Post
Lol show me somebody got hit in the jaw that got a concussion? That is down right stupid.

Sill justification? That plays a big part in how he hit him, if he has head up like he should, it looked like it would have been a clean hit, but his teammate set him up to get drilled, not Cole's fault. So since Abdelkader has his head down, Cole shouldn't hit him in go in and get a great scoring opportunity?

He didn't though, it was a hit straight to Jackman's head, it should have been reviewed at the very least and more likely at least a game, but since he plays for Detroit and is a super star he got the treatment like one.

Smith's hit and Cole's aren't similar. Smith doesn't even hit the guys body, all head.
Stupid is claiming that hitting someone on the jaw or anywhere else in the head can't cause a concussion.

A concussion most commonly happens when a blow to the head is recieved and shakes the brain within the skull causing to stop functioning properly.
A Jawbone is pushed into the base of the skull and sometimes in serious cases the brain cavity can result in a very serious concussion. (In MMA or Boxing its called getting hit on the button)

The pass may have played a big part in the hit, but its irrelevant when it comes to the leagues dicipline. Hitting someone with his head down is just as illegal as hitting someone with their head up if your principal point of contact is the head. So yes in that instance Cole shouldn't have hit him, or better yet should have just dropped his shoulder into his chest and we'd all be talking about the awesome hit he threw.

Datsyuk's reputation as a multiple Lady Byng winner might have helped him out, as would his star status in the game but if you really believe there is a conspiracy to help the Wings out, you're beyond reason.

Smith's hit and Coles hit were very similar, they both made contact with the head first. Perhaps Cole hitting the body of Abdelkader after his head is the reason why he only got 3 games and Smith 8, but both were illegal hits and textbook examples of hits that the league wants out of the game.

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