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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post

That hit is similar to Cole's, just with a worse outcome.

I'll just assume the bolded part was an honest mistake.

If their was a conspiracy and if Shanny was a homer and since he played for the Blues and Wings, wouldn't Shanny be going after Chicago and not suspending players for hitting Chicago players?
Going by that reasoning since Shanny was a Whaler shouldn't Shanny be going after Bettman and the rest of the nhl for moving that team? Truth of the matter is Shanny is a human being and I'm also sure he isn't the only one reviewing the tape to decide the suspension legnths. By the time someone is promoted to that level one can only hope to be as unbiased as possible. There might be some cases that exist where there is slight bias but look at it this way Thornton a player who was in the nhl for quite some time before the nhl started taking these hits seriously got 2 games. He is a big name player and deserves some respect from the way he has played. The hit on Perron was much like this hit as the player is coming off the ice and acting on a play. The player skating was receiving a suicide pass (as they are being called now) and looking at the puck. Despite the fact that players are taught to check like Cole and Thornton did the players receiving the hit were in a vulnerable position making a play on the puck and without awareness of who is coming from that side. While I will agree that I would not have had any problems with this type of hit a few years ago before concussions seem to have existed. The length of which the players that receive them sit out must be dealt with. The only way that will happen is if plays like this are made aware of and the easiest way to accomplish that is through harsh punishment. Also an nhl player, more than likely, has no reason to favor one team over the other after they retire. The friends they made while playing for those teams might be a possibility.

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