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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
I kind of feel you are looking for an argument. You told me that yes, and I stopped writing back but I have to here.

Why do you find it so hard to beleive that a big name brand like Easton can't be cloned and sold to smaller brands. Thats exactly what blue ice did they are making cloned S19's in their nano sticks. I already said they are differences but the geometry of them are the same, they run the same patterns and different materials. Essentially the same stick without grip and fancy s19 paint. I bet if I gave you a nano and an S19 painted jet black you wouldn't know the difference.
Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
Yeah I admit they aren't exact copies but each brand has patterns, lies, blade types, and dimensions of the stick. Blue ice is using eastons dimensions and patterns from the synergy series.

I'm not sure which brand it was but Bauer was selling their sticks to somewhere(reebok maybe) and reebok was just painting them and using different curves. Theres videos on youtube of a guy grinding the paint of the stick and underneath it is a bauer one90 or something like that(it was a few years ago) and it had serial codes and stuff like that. Now I know your gonna ask this, but no it wasn't painted like a one90 underneath the finish. It was just a warehouse stick with no paint and brand information. Stick was like a matte grey/black and had info about where it was made and who by.

Basically everything ever invented has been sold around to different companies you just have to change certain things, hence why blue ice doesn't use the same materials as Easton does. Kawasaki and Suzuki were using the exact same engines in a few of their dirtbikes for a couple years. They sold eachother engines and then used different plastics colours to get around the tm issues.

On the KLX125 it actually says suzuki on the engine.
Your argument fails here, I don't even have to say anything; leave it to you to figure it out.

Willing to bet? You sure? Does the Blue stick have the elliptical taper?

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