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Originally Posted by bigdom1012 View Post
this was supposed to be a simple richter and dipietro comparison and i wanted to discuss that... bauer warrior decided to make his pure hatred for dp known once again on here and ruined what cldve been just a simple discussion on a video and an article i saw...

bauer lets try this before u destroy this guy like u do every chance u get lets put u in his position and well all see how u pan out...100 bucks says u dont make it past getting your pads on...dont **** on him until uve walked a mile in his shoes or anyone eles for that matter

bet if ricky stayed healthy on was winning us over 35 games every year ud be on his shaft pretty quick
If I walked four steps in his shoes, I would have retired, and not because of a bad groin. The guy is not a good goalie, he never was a good goalie, and the only reason why some Islander fan think he was any good is because he's the only goalie who's been force-fed to them. The franchise is so bad now, that even if a fan's been a fan for 20 years, the bar for overall performance and goaltending is so low, that this guy might seem like a goaltending god. Even in his semi-decent year of 2006-07, he was inconsistent at best.

DiPietro v. Richter is of no comparison.

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