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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Interesting - but I figured you wouldn't take the bait to make your point.

So you think Carlson hands down is flat out better than Green defensively, not even close enough to mention you are not sure? Wow. He is still just a kid, leading our team in turnovers.

Is your proof because Bruce let him cut his teeth defensively last year? Do you think Alzner may have carried that pair in any way, defensively?

I have seen some signs of improvement from Carlson, but I think Green at full health has the greenhorn beat. Green is a better body checker, has better stick work, I think Green is stronger man up, and is better at reading plays. Carlson I love him but he is still getting turnovers sorted out. Green has half as many per game, and twice as many takes than your boy. Green has more hits per game.

Give Green a guy like Alzner all last year and I bet you wouldn't be so sure. I don't think you have seen the best chemistry there is to be had on our blue.
* hands down, flat out better makes it sound like i think carlson is great and green sucks. that is obviously not the case.

* boudreau didnt "let carlson cut his teeth defensively" and alzner didnt carry him. carlson clearly has had some sophmore season issues. had alzner been carrying him and he not been capable we would have seen last season what we are seeing this season. carlson's game is coming around.

* green hits harder and is dirtier. he is not stronger. he does not win nearly the number of board battles that carlson does with bigger players.

how do your stats look last season?

* lastly, i want green playing with ovechkin or backstrom(if on two seperate lines as they are now). he is the better offensive player of the caps three puck movers. his impact on this team is the straw that stirs the drink. why would you want to put him on the ice with the checking line and against the opposing top line where his primary responsibility is defense?

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