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01-02-2012, 11:21 AM
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I just adore when people harp on his "undying love" for the tem.

Originally Posted by bigdom1012 View Post
hate on him all u want but after watchin this video itll remind you haters how good he could be and how much fun it was to watch NOT TO MENTION HE ACTUALLY LOVED THIS TEAM AND OUR HOME LONG ISLAND!!
Of course he loved them, they drafted him number 1 when he should have been a second rounder at best. They handed him the keys to the kingdom without him ever EARNING anything. They gave him a lifetime contract and he has an in with the owner and GM. Not to mention he knows he'll never be relased. Who wouldn't love the team?

It seems when people who support him realize that he has never been anything more then an average to below average NHL goaltender, they drag out his passion and love for the game and the team. If he found himself on another team tommorrow he'd profess his love for that team and that city just as much. The fact people believe his BS is comical.

Then again the fact people think he was ever good is equally as comical.

As a lifelong Isles fan and being old enough to rememebr Richter playing and the Rags winning the cup, bringing Rick DiPietro into a conversation with Mike Richter is an embarassment to Richter. DiPietro couldn't hold Richter's jock during Richter's worst year. I hate the Rags as mhc as anyone else, but this comparison is, again, very comical.

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