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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
Fact... They are in cap hell.
They are out of the playoffs.
The team is a mess.
The coach doesn't speak french.
The Gm is managing to save his life.
Cammy has been a no show.
The team is a mess.
The team has serious issues and has had them for years.

Debatable... Subban not be liked by his teammates.( i would bet he isn't)
Room is divided if ^^^ then room is divided.

Probably not...Markov on the beach...But where is Waldo?

Not much speculation.
How is this a fact? They can likely fit all the RFAs under the cap and if not, one trade and it's fixed. That's not cap hell.

Yes, they are out the playoffs, granted.

How you figure? Because they are in a slump? Just like philly had an off year got JVR and finished last. Only in montreal is organization 'a mess'.

Okay, the coach doesn't speak french is related to the product on the ice how? because some people want a french coach means this is a real issue. Some people want Krejci, Horton and others traded. Should I assume the B's are in a mess too and unstable because of minority fan opinion?

Apart from kaberle he hasn't done much else. He signed Gorges and while I think he didn't give a discount, the money is fine. I dislike PG but he hasn't traded any asset this year has he?

Yup, Cammalleri has been inconsistent(and thats being nice). I can't argue this whatsover.

Team is a mess again? alright...

Oh, yah, for 'years' like when we went to conference finals or made the playoffs more often then not in last bit. Those type of issues? obviously, the habs are not perfect, we all know that and I won't pretend otherwise, but apart from some external opinions, some underachieving forwards this year and a minor cap issue, I don't see this mess nor do I see this long term problem we've been having either.

Subban part is pure speculation. You can't argue that.

I think you fail to get the point anyway. What you're saying is just to insult the organization more than have a discussion. If I went on B's board after Lucic got a suspension and then said "yah, just like mcquaid and chara, all goons, dirty players who try to injure"'d be like 'dude, i know we're talking dirty hits and suspensions but c'mon, wheres this coming from?'.

In any case, I was surprised you'd post what you posted. I go on the B's board fairly often as you know and I never had an issue with you whatsoever but you can't blame me for thinking you're stretching it if you're gonna post in habs section once a month and when you do it's a post insulting the entire structure of the organization and a lot of which is founded on speculation.

You have to understand I don't find that cool. In any case, I would rather you post here more often but at least point out that when you're saying something that isn't factual.

And please, just because some may agree with you here doesn't mean it's right. Some would trade Price and some would hire Chantal from RDS to be our coach, so minority doesn't count.

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